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Ideall, exercises that target the glutes give you the body aesthetic you really want.

But, what if they fall just a bit short? If you have some sag in your backside, then maybe it’s time you considered the best BBL in Bowie, Maryland.

  1. If You Want the Best BBL, Do This First!

Make sure your surgeon is board certified with years of experience. It is only through many years of experience that a surgeon develops the artistic skill needed to perfect their BBL

  1. Make Sure You’re a Good Candidate for a BBL

This is determined during an exam. Generally, a good candidate is one who is healthy and has enough fat in surrounding areas to safely inject into the buttocks. It’s important you have realistic expectations, as well. 

  1. Avoid Having Too Much Fat Injected into Your Buttocks

The first few months after a BBL, fat is absorbed back into your body. So, you probably think you want as much injected as possible. But, the reality is the worst thing a surgeon can do is inject too much fat. Your surgeon will inject exactly the right amount to achieve your body goals, so don’t worry.

  1. Take These Steps Post-Surgery

You’ll get full aftercare instructions from your surgeon that you must follow carefully. Here are just a few things you should keep in mind. You’ll need to refrain from smoking, avoid sitting directly on your buttocks, sleep on your stomach, eat healthy, and stay hydrated. 

  1. BONUS SECRET! You Need Dr. Carlton H. Scroggins for the Best BBL in Bowie, Maryland!

Dr. Scroggins owns and operates Plastic Surgery of Greater Washington. He leads our team with the philosophy of assuring “personal attention for those patients desiring a new image through body contouring and weight management.”

If you’re ready for the shapely new body you’ll get with the best BBL in Bowie, Maryland, then give us a call now! Contact us at 240-825-1706 to schedule your free consultation!

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