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Why the Best Black Plastic Surgeon in College Park, MD Is Seeing an Increase in Patients

Dr. Carlton H. Scroggins is the best Black plastic surgeon in College Park, MD, and he has been seeing an increase in patients recently.

In addition to his outstanding surgical skill and experience, is there anything else fueling this increase and sending more people of color into the office to improve their aesthetics through rhinoplasty, liposuction, and other cosmetic surgeries?

Why Are More Black Women Than Ever Getting Plastic Surgery, According to the Best Black Plastic Surgeon in College Park, MD?

Previously, few Black women got cosmetic surgery due to the stigma associated with it, and Black women were made to feel that they should avoid any plastic surgery or other cosmetic alterations. But recently, more Black women, and even men as well, are starting a plastic surgery journey. Plastic surgery used to be seen as something only White women would get.

Now, Black women are more comfortable with being gentle with themselves and choosing to enhance their favorite physical features or adjust features that they want to refresh.

They no longer feel the need to ignore what they want out of a fear of being judged. A contributing factor to all of this is that many cosmetic procedures have been increasingly trending towards celebrating features that are traditionally identified as belonging to Black women.

Considering Cosmetic Treatments Such as a Natural Breast Augmentation or a Butt Lift? Your Search Is Over!

It’s important for Black women and men considering plastic surgery to find a plastic surgeon who will communicate well and who understands how to respect and enhance Black features.

This is a big reason that they might seek out a Black plastic surgeon.

If you’re looking for a Black cosmetic / plastic surgeon who will understand you and your treatment goals, Carlton H. Scroggins, MD is the choice for you!

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