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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of breast implants – is it saline or silicone? Most likely, you’re thinking of “fake” boobs, but have you heard of natural breast augmentation?

It is a great alternative to implants, decreasing your risks associated with traditional augmentation. But, what exactly is natural breast augmentation in Landover, MD?

What’s the Scoop – What Is Natural Breast Augmentation?

Natural breast augmentation is a procedure that involves transferring fat cells from other parts of your body to your breasts. The aim is to increase the size and improve the shape / appearance.

This provides a one-two punch, since you will have both larger breasts and another area of your body will be slimmed down as a result of the collecting fat cells to transfer to your breasts.

Why Would I Choose Natural Breast Augmentation Over Implants? 

You may want to get a natural breast augmentation in Landover, MD if you want to increase your breast size by a cup or more or improve the shape of your breasts without implants. A breast augmentation can address a number of issues, including uneven breasts, breast changes after pregnancy, and size preference.

Natural augmentation does not involve a forgein object being placed behind the breast, decreasing your risk of infection and / or a ruptured implant.

Additionally, recovery for natural augmentation can be easier and take less time than implants. This procedure is also done solely using liposuction and injection, and so the possibility of scarring is significantly less.

Where Can I Find The Best Natural Breast Augmentation in Landover, MD?

If you are interested in exploring a more natural form of breast augmentation, we are the right place for you. Set up an appointment with Dr. Carlton H. Scroggins, plastic surgery serving Greater Washington by calling us at 240-825-1706 today!

We’d love to have you join our many happy patients improving their aesthetic, and ultimately their self-confidence, through surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

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