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MENTOR® Breast Implant Warranty Summary

What does the warranty cover?

  • Free Lifetime Replacement: Throughout a patient’s lifetime, MENTOR® will replace, at no cost, the same or a similar type of MENTOR® breast implant when implant replacement is required. If a more expensive product is requested, MENTOR® will invoice the surgeon for the price difference.
  • Financial Assistance: For the first five years following a breast implant procedure, MENTOR® will provide financial assistance up to $1,200 per revision surgery to help cover operating room expenses and anesthesia expenses not covered by insurance.

The MENTOR® breast implant warranty automatically applies to all MENTOR® saline and silicone-gel filled mammary implants that are implanted in the United States and Canada.

What events are covered?

The MENTOR® breast implant warranty applies to the following circumstances:

  • Deflation due to crease fold failure, patient trauma, or unknown cause
  • Loss of valve integrity
  • Rupture of any MENTOR® gel
  • Capsular contracture grade III or IV as diagnosed by the attending surgeon
  • Double capsule formation
  • Late-forming seroma that occurs within 12 months of the initial procedure, as long as no intervening surgical procedure was performed between the initial augmentation surgery and the development of the seroma

What events are not covered?

The MENTOR® breast implant warranty does not apply to the following circumstances:

  • Removal of intact implants for capsular contracture
  • Removal of implants for size alteration
  • Removal of implants due to wrinkling or rippling
  • Loss of shell integrity caused by or during re-operative procedures

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