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If you’re considering butt lift surgery

Butt lift surgery, a method of buttock augmentation, is a surgical procedure that is intended to provide patients with a more voluptuous and aesthetically pleasing buttock appearance. Using the fat transfer technique, this procedure can help increase the size and reshape (“lift”) the buttock area. This procedure also combines liposuction in other areas of the body.

If you are considering butt lift surgery, the following information can be of great benefit when preparing for your procedure. However, the best way to determine if this procedure is right for you is by meeting with your surgeon to discuss your options.

The Best Candidates for Buttock Enhancement

Individuals who have a smaller, flatter, or a sagging backside and desire a curvier contour may be candidates for a buttock lift. It is also important for patients to have sufficient fat to be removed from other areas of the body in order to properly shape the buttocks. Patients should be in good physical and psychological health, and have realistic expectations. Individuals interested in this procedure should be aware that all surgery carries some uncertainty and risks; some of these include infection and blood clots, but are rare occurrences.

Planning Your Surgery

During an initial consultation with your surgeon, you will discuss the procedure, undergo a thorough examination, and have your questions/concerns addressed. At this time, you must be sure to tell your doctor of any medications you are currently taking, inform him/her if you smoke and of any medical conditions you may have. All aspects of the procedure will be discussed in order to provide you with the information necessary to make an educated decision regarding the procedure. You will be able to view before and after buttock lift photos.

Preparing for Your Surgery

Prior to your procedure, there will be a list of directions provided by your surgeon that you must follow. These may include not smoking for at least two week before the procedure, stopping certain medications and/or vitamins, and attaining of the necessary medications for your recovery period. Additionally, you should plan to have someone drive you to and from the surgery; after the anesthesia has worn off you may still be a bit dizzy and unable to drive.

Where your Surgery will be Performed

Based on the complexity of your particular procedure, the surgery can be performed in the surgeon’s office surgical suite or in a hospital in the Greater Washington, D.C. area. Butt lift patients who may need to stay overnight or longer may be better-suited for a hospital setting.

Types of Anesthesia

Typically, this procedure is performed under general anesthesia. This means that you will be completely asleep throughout the entire procedure, there will be no memory of the surgery, and no pain is felt. Some surgeons may choose to use a local anesthetic with sedation, which is an injection in the treated area and you may feel some pressure and/or pulling during the procedure. The most appropriate choice will be determined during your initial consultation by the surgeon.

The Surgery

The first step in butt lift surgery is to remove the needed fat via liposuction and then harvest it so that it can be used in the second part of the procedure. Oftentimes, the fat is removed from the abdomen, hips, and/or thighs. Once the fat has been prepared, it is ready to be injected in the buttocks. Based on your particular anatomy and desired outcome, the surgeon will then inject the fat into areas that are lacking volume, carefully sculpting the buttocks in order to produce a smoother, curvier shape. Each procedure is personalized to meet the patient’s goal.

After your Surgery

Post-surgery, you will need to wear a special undergarment for approximately one week in order to aid in the healing process. Typically, there is some pain, discomfort and swelling in the treated areas. It is important that you follow all of your surgeon’s instructions in order to ensure that your recovery period is complication-free. After a few weeks, the swelling should subside and a more natural-looking appearance will be apparent.

Getting Back to Normal

Although it may take a few weeks for you to get used to the new shape and added volume, you should be able to partake in most of your regular activities and exercises without limitations. Most patients can return to work in 10 to 14 days and scarring will be minimal and localized to areas where liposuction was performed. The buttocks will be scar-free as there are no incisions made.

Your New Look

Patients may anticipate an overall body enhancement. The removal of excess fat in specific areas of the body, combined with the improvement in shape/size of the buttocks can produce a shapelier appearance.

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