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Get the Scoop on BBLs From the Best Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon in Greenbelt, Maryland

It’s on everyone’s wish list to have a flat stomach, shapely hips, and a high, lifted backside.

However, most of us just weren’t born that way. If you’ve been thinking about getting surgically enhanced to bring out a better body shape, take a look at this infor from the best Brazilian butt lift surgeon in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Give Me the Details on How a Brazilian Butt Lift Works

The Brazilian butt lift (BBL), aka buttock augmentation, is a cosmetic surgery that uses liposuction and fat grafting to build your backside into a more contoured shape and flatten your tummy.

Fat is removed from your abdominal area, purified, and gently re-injected back into your buttocks, which results in a much rounder shape.

Here’s the Average Cost of a BBL

The average cost of a BBL is anywhere from $8,500 to over $14,500, depending on the individual goals you have for your body.

Keep in mind that the price for a BBL varies with your geographic location and the surgeon performing your procedure, among other factors.

Talk to Me About Recovery With a BBL

You can return to work after a BBL in about two weeks and will need to wear a compression garment to assist with swelling for the initial weeks after surgery. It’s recommended that you avoid sitting for a couple of days after your surgery. 

Find the Best Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon in Greenbelt, Maryland Right Here in Dr. Carlton H. Scroggins 

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