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Having a tummy that just won’t go flat no matter how many crunches you do is nothing short of annoying.

If you’re ready to finally get rid of that belly that’s been driving you crazy, then you’ve probably considered getting a tummy tuck.

So, what exactly is it and how much is a tummy tuck in Greenbelt, Maryland?

Tell Me the Quick Details on a Tummy Tuck.

A tummy tuck is a surgery that dramatically improves the appearance of your abdomen. It removes extra skin and fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise. The results of your tummy tuck are a smoother and more toned look in your abdominal area. 

This procedure is a great way to boost your body image after dramatic weight loss or pregnancy. There are various tummy tuck procedures, so be sure to talk to your surgeon about the best one for you to achieve your desired results.

How Much Is a Tummy Tuck in Greenbelt, Maryland?

The average cost of a tummy tuck in Maryland is $4,500 to $14,000. However, this cost does not include anesthesia, surgical fees, and a few other charges.

The best thing to do is schedule a consultation with a surgeon to discuss the total cost of a tummy tuck. Prices will always vary by your geographic location and surgeon performing your procedure.

Are the Results With a Tummy Tuck Permanent?

Yes! Once you’ve recovered from surgery, you can expect to have a flat tummy long term. Keep in mind that the fat removed from a tummy tuck can’t come back, but it can be replaced by new fat.

The only things you need to do is keep a healthy diet, stay hydrated, and maintain an exercise routine.

Turn to Dr. Carlton H. Scroggins, M.D. With All Your Questions About Tummy Tucks!

Tummy tucks are the perfect way to bounce back after a baby or big weight loss.

So, if you’re still asking, how much is a tummy tuck in Greenbelt, Maryland, then contact our clinic at 240-825-1706 to schedule an appointment!

You desire to love the skin you’re in, and a tuck could be just the procedure to help you do that.

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