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Dr. Scroggins - Breast Augmentation Before and After PhotosBreast augmentation can be an incredibly satisfying experience as you learn to enjoy and appreciate your improved appearance. However, before you can fully reap the rewards, you must go through the recovery process after the surgery. To make your recovery experience as easy as possible, follow this breast augmentation recovery guide.

Guidelines for BEFORE Your Surgery

In preparation for your breast augmentation, here are several things you should do to help your recovery process go smoothly:

  • Stop smoking: You will need to stop smoking before surgery, as this can inhibit circulation and slow down your recovery.
  • Have someone to help you: You should plan to have a responsible caregiver drive you home after surgery and be with you to care for you during the first few days after the procedure.
  • Have the right clothing: Make sure you have enough button-up shirts that are easy to put on so that you can follow the recommendation of not lifting your arms above your shoulders for the first two weeks after surgery.
  • Adopt healthy habits: You should also adopt habits of healthy eating, drinking lots of fluids, and sleeping on your back so that these are easier for you to do after your procedure.

Guidelines for AFTER Your Surgery

After your breast augmentation, here?s what you should do to ensure a quick and safe recovery:

  • Follow your surgeon?s instructions: You should carefully follow the recommendations that Dr. Scroggins has given you.
  • Take prescribed medication: Be sure to take your prescribed medications according to instructions, as these will help your body heal and manage any discomfort or pain.
  • Caring for your breasts: You will need to wear your surgical bra as directed. You will also need to avoid having too much physical contact with your breasts for at least three weeks. Recognize that while you may experience swelling, this is only temporary and will subside within three to five weeks.
  • Rest: You should rest a lot for the first few days and will need to avoid exercise or strenuous activities for a full six weeks. You will also need to avoid sleeping on your side or stomach and instead sleep on your back propped up on pillows to relieve the pressure on your breasts. Most patients can return to work within one week, but this depends on the type of work you do. Talk to Dr. Scroggins about any concerns or questions you may have so that he can advise you accordingly.
  • Continue healthy habits: You should continue to avoid smoking, drink plenty of fluids, and eat healthy foods to give your body the nutrients necessary for healthy healing.

Every patient has a slightly different experience with breast augmentation recovery, but by following these recommendations and talking with Dr. Scroggins, you can make your recovery experience as smooth as possible. A smooth recovery after breast augmentation will make it that much easier to enjoy the results of your breast augmentation and your newly improved feminine curves.

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