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Choosing Your Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation Before & After PhotosOne of the great things about breast augmentation is that not every procedure will yield the same results. Each woman?s body is unique, and breast implants have been designed to accommodate a wide variety of styles and preferences that can enhance the breasts according to the woman?s desires and body shape. When you come in for your consultation about breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Carlton Scroggins, here are some of the options you will discuss as you look at the different types of breast implants.


All breast implants have an outer shell made of silicone, but the implant type is designated by the inside material: silicone or saline. Silicone implants are filled with silicone gel whereas saline implants are filled with saltwater. These materials enhance your breasts in different ways. Silicone implants create a more natural look and feel while saline implants offer a more rigid, full, and tight look. Saline implants are more affordable and will cause a noticeable change in the appearance of the breast if a rupture occurs. A silicone implant rupture may need an MRI to detect.


Breast implants can be round or anatomically (?teardrop?) shaped. Round implants have uniform fullness throughout while teardrop-shaped implants are more like the natural breast shape: fuller at the bottom and thinner at the top. Many women who prefer a more natural look choose teardrop-shaped implants while those who desire a more voluptuous look with more cleavage often choose round implants.


The breast implant profile determines its forward projection from the chest. A low-profile implant will have a wider base but less forward projection. In contrast, a high-profile implant will have a more narrow base and greater forward projection. The width of the chest wall and the natural placement of the breasts will greatly affect how different profile implants will look.


Breast implants can either be smooth and slippery or have a rough, textured surface. Smooth implants may move freely within the breast pocket while textured breast implants bind to the tissue capsule that surrounds them, making them less likely to shift. Some studies have suggested that textured implants may be less likely to cause capsular contracture, though the research is unclear. With under-the-muscle placement, it is usually impossible to observe a difference between textured or smooth implants. Nonetheless, textured implants are thicker and more likely to develop noticeable folds, which could be a problem for women with little breast tissue or over-the-muscle placement.


Breast implant volume is measured in cubic centimeters (cc?s). Greater volume means a larger implant; for example, 300cc implants are larger than 250cc implants. The additional volume in breast implants can help to correct breast volume loss caused by pregnancy, nursing, aging, or weight loss. It also enhances breast fullness in women with naturally small breasts.

As you talk with Dr. Scroggins and choose between these styles and preferences for your breast implants, you can receive a completely customized breast augmentation procedure. These options are available to help you achieve your desired results with breast augmentation surgery.

For more information on breast implants and breast augmentation, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Carlton Scroggins. Call our office at (301) 220-0400 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your appointment today.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

With October upon us, you?ve likely noticed people of all ages
wearing all sorts of pink ribbons, stickers, and clothing in honor of breast cancer awareness. While advancements in research and testing have greatly improved, the fact remains that more than 230,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Treating this disease often requires the removal of one or more of the breasts that can drastically affect a woman?s physique, as well as her self-confidence.

To restore a normal appearance to the chest area, a cosmetic procedure known as breast reconstruction can work wonders.

How is Breast Reconstruction Performed?

There are several options for breast reconstruction following a mastectomy, including using a breast implant or flap reconstruction.

Breast Implant

The most common reconstruction technique combines skin expansion and subsequent insertion of a breast implant. This reconstructive technique involves placing an expander directly underneath the skin and tissue. After the expander is slowly filled with a sterile solution over multiple sessions, a saline or silicone implant is exchanged with the expander to provide permanent shape to the breast. If Dr. Scroggins recommends using a breast implant for your breast reconstruction, he will discuss the different breast implant options during your consultation.

Flap Reconstruction

This reconstructive technique uses donor skin, tissue, and muscle, to create a flap where the breast used to exist. Flap reconstruction is typically performed using one of the following techniques:

  • TRAM (tissue is transferred from the abdomen)
  • Latissimus dorsi (tissue is transferred from the back)

The Future of Breast Reconstruction

Although plastic surgery offers safe and effective methods for breast reconstruction, new technologies and innovative methods using stem cells and fat grafting are being explored to further improve existing techniques to ensure the longest lasting results possible.

While many women focus on preventing breast cancer throughout October, be sure to regularly keep up with mammograms and yearly checkups to ensure you stay cancer free.

If you have questions about breast reconstruction, we encourage you to contact Plastic Surgery of Greater Washington practice by calling (301) 220-0400 or filling out our online contact form. As an extensively experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Carlton Scroggins is dedicated to helping you restore a natural appearance to your chest.


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