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Get Back Your Pre-Pregnancy Body

shutterstock_218681281The after-effects of pregnancy often leave negative consequences for women. If you?re like many mothers, you?ve likely tried dieting and exercising after having children to get your pre-pregnancy body back. However, even if you somehow find the time to put together healthy meals and make it to the gym on a regular basis, there?s no guarantee that you?ll end up with satisfying results. At his Greater Washington practice, Dr. Carlton Scroggins offers the ?Mommy Makeover? procedure to effectively restore women?s bodies to a physique similar to what they had before pregnancy.

Quickly becoming one of the most desired cosmetic treatments in plastic surgery, the Mommy Makeover consists of a variety of breast and body procedures that are performed together in one single surgery. The areas of the body that need improvement will determine which of the following procedures you will need to achieve the best results during your Mommy Makeover:

Breast Lift

Pregnancy and breastfeeding often leave the breasts hanging with downward pointing nipples. A breast lift corrects these condition by raising the breasts and repositioning the nipples to a more acceptable location.

Breast Augmentation

The breasts tend to lose volume after having children. With the insertion of either saline or silicone implants, fullness and shape are restored to boost the attractiveness of the chest area.

Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy can permanently stretch the abdominal muscles and cause the skin around the stomach to sag. A tummy tuck removes excess fat, tightens the abdominal muscles, and removes excess skin to flatten and tone the midsection.


Weight gain caused by pregnancy typically leaves the body with excess fat deposits on multiple areas of the body, such as the arms, back, stomach, and thighs. Liposuction permanently eliminates fatty tissue from these areas to restore a slimmer, more contoured physique.

Whether you?re just entering motherhood or have been a mother for many years, a Mommy Makeover can noticeably improve the appearance of your body.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Carlton Scroggins, please call (301) 220-0400 or fill out our online contact form today. Along with his experienced and friendly staff, Dr. Scroggins is dedicated to helping you achieve the best results possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Get a Leg Up This Year!

Although the ideal length and size of legs is a subject of debate, it is generally agreed upon that loose, sagging skin on the legs is not an element of attraction. Over time and often as a result of weight loss, the skin on the thighs loses elasticity and can become loose and wrinkled. Diet and exercise can help eliminate fat from the thigh and hip area, but the skin loses resilience with age and does not conform to the shape of the thighs like it once did. For those who have excess skin in the thigh and buttocks area, Dr. Scroggins offers thigh lift surgery.Beautiful female legs crossed in the air on a grey background

The thigh lift procedure is performed with the patient under general anesthesia, and it smoothes the skin on the inner and outer thighs by removing excess skin. The remaining skin is pulled tight to reveal firmer, sleeker thighs that are in better proportion to the rest of the body. Incision locations for this surgery depend on the area being corrected, but any resulting scars will be hidden inconspicuously and fade over time.

Liposuction can also be combined with thigh lift surgery in order to eliminate excess fat from the thigh and hip area and achieve a more slender figure in the lower body. The removal of fat through liposuction also allows for additional skin to be removed, resulting in more svelte thighs. Once the fat is removed, the skin is redraped over the slim, newly contoured thighs, and excess skin is removed.

Potential candidates for thigh lift surgery include:

  • Individuals with loose skin and excess fat along their inner or outer thighs
  • People in good overall health
  • Non-smokers
  • Individuals who have tried diet and exercise but seen little to no improvement in the thigh area
  • People who are at a stable weight
  • Individuals with realistic goals for the surgery

If you are considering thigh lift surgery, please contact Plastic Surgery of Greater Washington. Dr. Carlton Scroggins specializes in body contouring and has almost 20 years of experience to provide you with the smooth, refined thighs you desire. Get a leg up this year by calling (301) 220-0400 or filling out our online contact form today to schedule your consultation.

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