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A female surgeon in operating room holding an implant in each hand Many women are dissatisfied with at least one aspect of their breasts. Breast augmentation involves the placement of implants into the breasts to improve their size and shape. This procedure offers a wide range of options to achieve the specific breast shape, size, and projection that the patient desires.

In addition to choosing your implant placement (above or below the pectoral muscle), incision location, and implant size, there are many different types of breast implants from which to choose.

During your consultation, Dr. Scroggins will evaluate your needs and desires to help determine the best implant type, shape, and texture for you.

Implant Type


Saline implants are made of a silicone shell filled with a sterile saltwater solution. If a rupture occurs, it will be noticeable immediately, and the body will harmlessly absorb the solution.


Silicone implants are made of a silicone shell filled with a silicone gel. If a rupture occurs, an MRI may be required to detect it.

Implant Shape

Teardrop or ?Gummy Bear?

Teardrop-shaped implants, commonly known as ?gummy bear implants,? are anatomically shaped to imitate the slope of a natural breast. These implants are made of a thicker, form-stable silicone gel that makes them firmer and able to retain their shape.


Round implants create a fuller breast appearance with more projection, especially at the top of the breast. If the implant shifts within the breast pocket, patients do not have to worry about them changing the appearance of the breast.

Implant Surface Texture


Implants with a smooth surface feel soft because they can move within the breast pocket to mimic the movement of natural breast tissue.


Textured implants grip the breast tissue around it so that they do not move around and get repositioned. Most teardrop implants are textured to ensure that they do not move out of their designated position.

If you are considering breast augmentation in the greater Washington area, please call (301) 220-0400 or fill out our online contact form today. Dr. Scroggins is a board-certified plastic surgeon and will help you decide the best implant for you based on your physical anatomy and desires.


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