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A smooth, clear, and vibrant complexion not only enhances your attractiveness but also portrays health, youth, and vitality. Maintaining your complexion can be difficult as factors such as aging, hormones, environmental conditions, and sun exposure diminish skin quality. Skin resurfacing treatments can revitalize your skin and enhance your face to give you a vibrant complexion. Here are some of the skin resurfacing treatments that Dr. Scroggins uses to improve skin quality for patients of all skin types.


Retin-A? is a facial cream enriched with vitamin A. Vitamin A helps to make skin healthier and can effectively treat wrinkles, acne, enlarged pores, rough skin, psoriasis, and sun spots. Retin-A? skin resurfacing comes in various formulas and strengths to soften skin imperfections and repair damaged skin. Regular use of Retin-A? cream changes the skin?s cellular metabolism and gives the skin the nutrients it needs to renew and heal itself. After several months of using Retin-A?, many patients see both wrinkles and age spots fading away.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a treatment that can improve the appearance of facial skin. A chemical solution is applied directly to the skin to exfoliate it, and the treated skin peels off to reveal younger, regenerated skin. The removal of the damaged outer layer of skin makes way for smoother and softer skin.


Dermabrasion is a procedure that sands away the surface layers of skin. A rotating burr or fraise levels the surface layers of skin, removing the top layers so that the skin can regenerate a new, healthier layer. Dermabrasion treatments typically target fine lines and acne scars.


Similar to dermabrasion, dermaplaning removes the surface layer of skin but with the gentle scraping of a scalpel. This treatment provides deep exfoliation to reveal a smoother complexion without the use of chemicals.

Glycolic Acid Treatments

Glycolic acid breaks down the skin?s outermost layer, destroying damaged skin and uncovering the clearer and healthier skin layers. Varying levels of concentration and strength can treat acne, fine lines, and signs of premature aging. Glycolic acid treatments provide very even exfoliation and, like other skin resurfacing treatments, reveal a smoother complexion.

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