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Venus Legacy?  Face: Facial Line and Wrinkle Treatment

Laxity or loose skin of the eyelid and surrounding periorbital area is a universal sign of aging. Our faces can also show our age in other ways including through the manifestation of perioral lines. If you’re suffering with any of these concerns,  Dr. Carlton Scroggins is excited to offer a non-surgical treatment to address these facial lines and wrinkles without the downtime associated with a traditional Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). That’s why he’s proud to be the first Plastic Surgeon in Prince George’s County to offer Venus Legacy Face!

Venus Legacy Face

Venus Legacy? Face uses a unique temperature-controlled radiofrequency platform to harness the body’s own natural repair response to tighten, thicken, and rejuvenate skin. The procedure is done in the Plastic Surgery of Greater Washington office with a non-invasive handpiece to deliver controlled radiofrequency energy to the skin and heat the area to a therapeutic temperature allowing new collagen to develop.

Venus Legacy? Face FAQ’s:

  • Where is Venus Legacy? Face effective? 
    • Physicians have successfully applied the Venus Legacy Face treatment to fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, eyelids, under the eyes, around the mouth, and on the neck.
  • How many treatments will I need?
    • Typically, Dr. Scroggins will recommend 3-6 treatments for best results, depending on the area of concern. The treatments will be spaced (approximately) two weeks apart.
  • Does Venus Legacy? Face hurt? 
    • Venus Legacy Face treatment does not require any anesthetic preparation before treatment. Many patients report that it feels like a warm massage for the face. You may experience minor redness or swelling after the treatment, which will typically subside within a few days.

Am I a candidate for Venus Legacy? Face:

  • If you’re considering a Blepharoplasty or are looking for a non-surgical treatment to take care of facial lines and wrinkles, or are looking for an anti-aging treatment to proactively maintain and improve collagen in your face, contact us today to schedule a consultation and see if Venus Legacy? Face is right for you!

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